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Booth-Fickett Falcon Student Council   

The mission of the Booth-Fickett Falcon Student Council, as an extra-curricular organization, is to develop responsible leaders within our school community and promote values that reflect positive character in all students. 

Booth-Fickett Falcon Student Council Members accomplish this mission through: 

  • Leading by example on campus, in the classroom, and in the community by being respectful, responsible, honest, and fair, hard-working, well-mannered, and setting a good example through demonstrating good citizenship. 
  • Helping others in the community by organizing and participating in volunteer service opportunities that raise money for local charities and pro-actively become involved in community outreach. 
  • Engaging and motivating our friends and classmates by organizing activities and events that build and impact our school community. 
  • Serving as a source of communication between the students and faculty of the school. 

Student Council represents a mini school government.  At Booth-Fickett, different jobs with different privileges and responsibilities are available to students in fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. 

To participate, students must adhering to the expectations, including attending meetings and events. To be elected, only sixth, seventh, and eighth graders may run for Council positions. There will be two elected class representatives for each class. Fifth grade representatives will be named by the fifth-grade teachers. Sixth graders are only eligible to run for Class Representative positions.  Seventh and eighth graders are eligible to run for Class Representative, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President, & President.   

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