Student Council

    - Mikah Daniel
    - Alan Lopez
Vice President
    - Jesse Sossaman
Educational Websites
Students: I want to make sure you are exercising your brains while school is closed. I have compiled some websites where you can learn about science, social studies, math, reading, writing, and even art.  Some websites allow you to take tours of museums in far away places like New York City, France, and Italy.  Listed below are the websites:

Museum of the World--

Uffizi Gallery in Florence Italy— 

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC--

National Women's History Museum-- 

Museum tours from around the world--

More museum tours—

Science websites--

Social Studies websites--

Fun Brain--math and reading-- 

Smithsonian Tween Tribune--current news for kids—

Room Recess--reading, writing, and math—   

Smarty Games--reading, math, logic—

Math Games—   

Brain Pop--reading, writing math, science, engineering, social studies--click on the link  to request free access for students from closed school--

Counseling Assistance for Students

To contact our school counselor, Ms. Lynch,

please click here to visit Ms. Lynch's Wesbsite!